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Summer - The Season of Guests

The best days of summer are those that are spent with your favorite people. Nothing beats having a house full of laughter, hearing the cheers from the winning team of the old board games that have been dusted off and lingering conversations over a simple meal. Show your guests how happy you are that they have come to stay awhile with you.

It starts with a proper welcome – After hours on the road, who doesn’t love a warm hello and a good cup o’ joe or a refreshing cocktail, depending on the time of day. After a quick catch up, show them the lay of the land. Let them know, mi casa, su casa.

It’s the little things – They will notice, I promise! The fresh smelling handmade soap you found at the Farmers Market, a vintage pitcher filled with fresh flowers by the bed or a basket full of snacks for the late night-munchies, one or all of these things will make your guests feel the love.

Call me Julie – As the head Cruise Director everyone will be looking to you for a plan. Whether it’s lazing by the pool or touring the local museums, let your guests know any plans you might have made.

Parting is such sweet sorrow – Let them know it has been a great visit, and how much you've enjoyed their stay. Slip a little note in their bag or place it on their luggage letting them know “you miss them already”.

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