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Image by Sabita Sahu
Spice Cookies
Bokeh light of firefly flying in forest at dusk, Prachin Buri, Thailand.jpg


Freshly planted tomato vines, the hillside covered in purple phlox, playing hide and seek amongst the fireflies and freshly baked cookies.  These are the memories of my childhood summers spent with my grandparents.  Those days were filled with laughter, family and love and where my creativity was sparked.  


During those summers I saw the care my grandfather took in keeping the lawn green, the red geraniums blooming and the tomatoes bunny free.  My grandmother and I would hit the thrift stores where we would find ordinary pieces that were transformed into treasures.  She taught me to cook, set a pretty table and the baking.... So much baking!   


As I grew and started my family, I found myself incorporating the things I watched and learned during those summers into my own home.  Every summer there are potted geraniums, the jelly cabinet that housed the ingredients for her baked goods is now in my kitchen and I spend hours and hours scouring flea markets for vintage treasures and antique fairs all year long.


This site is a labor of love and I couldn't think of a better way to honor and show my deep appreciation to my family for showing me how to make a house, home.  Welcome to Flint & Bailey.  



She’s a west coast, east coast gal — born in California, raised in Virginia — from a family of loud, funny people. Kristian worked for 20+ years in the creative industry for others and decided to take the leap into working independently, using her talent to create beautiful spaces.


She’s mom to one great son and one adorable Goldendoodle, named Wally. She is married to her best friend who has two amazing sons, and currently calls Old Ellicott City, Maryland home.

“The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.” — Louisa May Alcott

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