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Meet Designer Elizabeth Burch

As part of our new Designer Q&A Series, today on the blog, we had the opportunity to chat with Elizabeth Burch from Elizabeth Burch Interiors to pick her brain about all things interior design! We are excited to share with you all the details of how Elizabeth takes on a new project, what she is inspired by, and what her favorite Flint & Bailey pieces are! Dive into our Q&A with Elizabeth below, we hope this sparks inspiration for you when you’re thinking of adding special pieces into your home!

  • How would you describe your design style? Layered, Meaningful & Fun!

  • When designing for a client, what are your top 3 attributes you incorporate into projects? You'll always find a shade of green in my projects, along with lots of pattern! I like to layer color and pattern in all of my projects. For example, a painted or wallpapered wall, with a floral drape and a striped roman shade sounds ideal to me!

  • What does your typical design process look like? Our broad process falls into three steps: Discovery, Design & Delivery

  • What inspires you? Travel, books, wandering through the antique mall, other creative small business owners!

  • Can you share with us one of your favorite design hacks/tips/tricks? I never worry about having electrical hardwired for sconces or lamps. It's obviously ideal, but I'm a big fan of using battery operated light bulbs for lamps or sconces that can't be hardwired for specific reasons.

  • Can you share your 3 favorite pieces currently available online at Flint and Bailey and why? And how would you use them?

  • Reclaimed wood planters for a porch or patio spring refresh

  • Striped coffee mugs for styling a breakfast table

  • Etching to pop into a gallery wall

  • How do you incorporate vintage into their designs? I mostly incorporate vintage items into my designs through decor. I love finding a big bowl or crock for a centerpiece with large flowering branches. I can't say no to little dishes or trays to use when styling a project. and It's always a treat when I find the perfect vintage furniture piece that works just right for the space I'm sourcing for!

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