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Q & A With Goebbert’s Farm & Garden Center

Tips for Prepping Your Garden This Season

Q& A With Goebbert’s Farm & Garden Center

We asked our friends over at Goebbert’s Farm and Garden Center to share their top gardening tips for the season. From what considerations are needed to choosing the right plants for your home (inside and out) read on for their expert advice. Plus they shared their favorite Flint & Bailey pieces to round out your garden.

Q: What are your favorite plants to plant this season and why?

A: I love to plant vegetables this time of year because they taste better after you grow them yourself instead of buying them at a store. A great time frame to plan on planting for the season is right after Mother’s Day.

Q: What are key factors to consider when choosing what to plant?

A: What your Sun exposure is: full sun, shade, or partial sun? How much space you have compared to how big the plant is expected to get and personal preference make sure to pick something you genuinely like!

Q: How does care for potted plants vs in-ground plants differ?

A: It depends on what the plant is and what care the plant needs. If you are planting in a pot, make sure to use potting soil. If you’re planting in-ground, use planting soil.

Q: What are important tips you can give for a first time gardener?

A: Check on your plants everyday, don’t take yourself too seriously. Think about it like you're doing an experiment and go with the flow, it’s okay if things don’t go as planned. Also, a little fertilizer never hurts anybody.

Q: How do you choose a planter for plants?

A: Consider how large the plant will get. If it’s a vegetable, the pot has to be deep so the roots can grow. Pro tip: Pots will have holes at the bottom, if they don't have holes; it is a bucket.

Q: Tell us, what Flint & Bailey pieces do you love for the garden?

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