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Embrace the Patina

patina - noun (pə-ˈtē-nə)

1 : a surface appearance of something grown beautiful especially with age or use

//the beautiful patina of this antique table

The worn, buttery leather of my favorite library chair, shiny copper gutters turned a beautiful green from rain and the grey, weathered shingles of the homes on Cape Cod.... These are some of the things that make my heart sing and it's all because of a wonderful little thing called, patina.

Patina is something that develops through everyday use. Each time you share a meal with your family on that great old pine table or use your grandmother's pretty copper tea kettle, you are adding to its beauty. Every piece has a story to tell and the common thread between all well-loved pieces is that they get better with age. So embrace those scratches, dings and nicks, because, much like with people, they are what makes them so special.

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