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Smith College – Richard Rummell

$189.00 – FBWGS-1032


Richard Rummell. “Smith College, Northampton, Mass.”

A bird’s eye view of the campus of Smith College. Originally published in New York by W.T. Littig & Co, [1907]. A mid-twentieth century restrike from original plate issued by Paul Victorius. Photogravure. Hand colored Very good condition.

At the turn of the century, a small New York art publisher, Littig & Company commissioned various artists to create a series of watercolor paintings of some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and schools. From these water colors, engravings in photogravure were made on copper plates and distributed, in limited number, to the various schools and to a few art dealers throughout the country. Many may still be seen in the Administration building and in the offices of the Deans in many of the region’s finest schools. These prints differ widely from other college prints in their panoramic quality: indeed, in many cases, they offer the only panoramic views available today. Each artist visited a campus and conferred with the Administration about future buildings authorized for the school. He would then draw these projected buildings into the campus scene, which was projected from an apparent altitude of about 300 feet. In some cases, this gives the viewer the impression that the scene was painted perhaps ten years later. On a few occasions, building plans were subsequently altered which resulted in an inaccurate depiction of the school. Many find these minor alterations historically interesting and amusing. In the mid-twentieth century Virginia print dealer and publisher, Paul Victorius, acquired the original plates and issued his own series of these prints. These prints can be identified by the heavy white and textured paper he used.



13”H x19”W

*The colors are much more vibrant than are carptured in the pictures


Smith College – Richard Rummell

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